A Self Guide To Peer Pressure

Who Are Peers?

Peers – friends or people of your age or close to it, who have experiences and similar interests to yours. As you grow older and become independent, naturally you choose your friends and groups – considering you engage in activities away from home by spending more time with the peers than your family.

What is Peer Pressure?

Have you ever had your mom yell at you, “if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”  Peers play a major role by influencing your choices and behaviours. Peer pressure occurs when an individual or group of people influence another individual to conform, which is not socially acceptable or desirable behaviour.

How Does It Influence?

It can either be a positive influence or a negative influence. By building friendships sometimes you gain acceptance through similar thoughts or experiences which leads to feedbacks and advices, through encouragement you influence one another to a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, if you are resistant or you don’t want to do something, for example: when your group of friends want to skip the class, but you are terrified for being picked on, so you end up conforming can be harmful leading to emotional disturbances. 

How To Respond To Peer Pressure?

Everyone needs to pause to address your feelings, emotions and thoughts. Self-regulation involves the potential to handle disruptive emotions and impulse. The skill to self-regulate as an adult can help to control impulses or uncomfortable feelings. To practice, self-regulation check out this –

It’s hard to ignore your negative peers, but when you do, you feel at ease. Hang out with people who feel the same way you do. It’s very necessary to choose friends who will support you morally because it will make a difference. And it’s okay to stand out of the crowd. Or if you are still confused about it, talk to an adult and seek help.

PS: Right from a child to an adult, everyone experiences peer pressure. It is very important to address and guide to peer pressure to make a difference .

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