CSK – The retirement team

Is CSK the retirement team? The reason I am question is because pona season vanguna adi apidi. When we first started with the 30+ policy in 2018 everything seemed fine. It was also justified since we were coming back after 2 years and we needed old war horses whom we could rely on. But continuing this policy even after a poor IPL in 2020 doesn’t make sense atleast to me. When was the last time CSK groomed players over a period of time? We were the same team  who groomed players Ashwin and Jadeja over a period of time. Now that is not the case. 

It almost seems like “Enaku vayasu aidichu. Vera endha team um edukalana kavalai illai. Enaku CSK iruku. There’s so much to choose from in the pool of young players but we are still hesitant. Thankfully we tried out Jagadeesan and Ruturaj towards the end of the campaign last year. Illana dabba dance adirukum. Robin Uthappa is almost a spent force and I see no use in picking him up. Fleming once said that CSK are here to win and not to unearth young talents. But you can’t win consistently unless you groom players. Enamo poda madhava. Namma thaan polamburom. Team selection policy innum marala. 

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