4 Signs JD Is An Introvert

Rather than watching the movie as a fan, I eavesdropped on the small details of the character JD as a psychology student thus it’s crystal clear that he is an introvert. We all know introverts are not the gregarious people and they are more intrigued with their internal environment by tying up with thoughts, feelings and mood. If you want to learn more about introverts check out my article (Introvert: An introduction – link below)

Here are a few signs to prove JD as an introvert:

Disclaimer: The signs are stemmed from my predictions.

  1. The Wink Emoji : Since the very beginning i.e., even before the intro scene of JD, we can catch a glimpse of his character viz he is an introvert. Remember the running and chasing scene, while the student Sri tips off JD about the culprits’ agenda through the phone call and JD never utters a word rather he sends Sri a wink emoji. Introverts do not usually talk much.
  1. The Music: By plugging in his earphones JD was drunk in music ( Master The  Blaster song: Got the man with the plan right here Bringing swag with the man right here Livin’ it up and sippin’ on beer). This indicates that he is not a social butterfly. Also, note he had many friends in the college whom he danced along with (Vathi coming). After watching the movie, I wondered why my lecturers weren’t this cool!
  1. The Boozehound: Every time he goes back home, he drinks heavily to keep himself in a pace. This shows he regains his energy by spending time all by himself. This indicates that at the end of the day he doesn’t let anyone inside his shell.
  1. The Bereft Of Speech: Before the intermission scene, in the police station, while Charulatha accuses JD for being an unprincipled man, he stresses that he has problems but doesn’t enlighten us about the setbacks and he doesn’t attempt to explain himself too much. Now you can ask me? But why does he become talkative by narrating famous movies when someone asks him why does he drinks? There are different types of introverts. Check out this. 

I would say JD is a hybrid of a social and restrained introvert. He thinks before he speaks and he is comfortable only with certain people. Even though he decides to quit drinking, he never explains what led him into the habit but gestures why he quit drinking. 

PS: Don’t mind me for fangirling Vijay. Also if you found any such interesting characteristics with the characters in the movie please comment below.

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