A Letter To Introverts: From An Introvert

Dear fellow passenger,

I caught the sight of your parents asking you to stop sulking and to come out of your room after a long argument while you were trying to regain your energy. Everyone assumed you were a loner, but I know you were inhaling the loneliness by exhaling the distant to meet yourself. I often see you zoning out and lost in your own thoughts by spending too much time inside your head. And nobody gets you right! Instead, you have a chain of nicknames which turned out to be a hallmark. But you are tired of the attributes given to you – shy, quiet, reserved and anti-social regardless misunderstanding the nature of an observer and noticer. And I know you aren’t a fan of small talks. And you prefer a small circle of friends. I get the fact you dislike attention without your prior consent. I know you would choose to finish a book over a rampage party. You’re picky to sell your energy and you feel exhausted when there are many people around you.  To stumble on, I know you see too much, think too much and feel too much but speak marginal. If you wonder why I know you too much? I met you in the same place in a different world where we usually meet our true selves, where you and I feel bosom and be indebted for our own company. Unerringly, facing the fears and juggle around the decisions. And I already feel worn out. I could write but not explain. And if you feel the way I feel, remind yourself there is someone who feels the way you feel.

PS: If you wonder, why fellow passenger? I am an introvert too.

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