5 years of Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum. Why it is special?

Why Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum is special?There are only a few films that you can watch over and over again. I mean not even skipping a single second. Not all films can give you the urge to revisit it again. I have come through days I felt this urge. I have lost count of how many times this happened. Today was one such day.I love names. Strangely, I sometimes, murmur my favorite names. Though the story, music, and everything about Ka Ka Po was beautiful, the names, Kathiravan and Yazhini was beyond all (maybe only for me)❣.

A relatable film is rare. Yazhini reminded me of my friend a lot. She was ambitious as well and dreamy too. If Kathiravan was Yazhini’s shoulders to lean on, she was that to me in my difficult times. We don’t talk much these days. I wish she gets her breakthrough like Yazhini did. I can only wish to be a reason behind it but never in our realities.Sometimes life is beautiful than what shown on screen but what’s missing is a background score. 😅

Kathir refuses to play along Yazh’s lie to her dad. Shuts the door in her face only to later decide otherwise. “மனசு எதயோ தேடுச்சுலைட்டா வழுக்கினு ஓடுச்சுஜபரு காட்டி மனசு திமிரு பன்னுச்சே பன்னுச்சேகாவா விட்டு கன்ஃபியூஸ் ஆகி நின்னுச்சு.

“Imagine Kathir, Yazh, and Ka Ka Po without background scores like bongu kitchan or Oru oorula or Akkam Pakkam. Feels not the same and lifeless? So, thank Sana. ❣I haven’t enjoyed anything in life as much as Nalan’s writing. Smiled, laughed, cried, and experienced pain.❣Today, Ka Ka Po turns 5. Even 50 years later, I would still feel the same way about this film. So, why Ka Ka Po is special? Enough said.

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