Manimegalai – The Mermaid in disguise as a Comali

Manimegalai - Cook with Comali

I still remember the times I get confused between Manimegalai and Anjana during their sun music days. Manimegalai deserves every bit of what she has achieved now. Starting a career in Media is itself a challenging task. Later, there is survival and then the talk of the town. Imagine the years of a long journey to get where she is today.

I did not call her Mermaid because her name starts with M. She truly symbolizes joy and happiness. Of course, she is beautiful as well. She is madly in love with her dream husband (For the nth time, Hussain anna is lucky, and Mani Akka is blessed to find a better half like him). She always expresses her true self. She entertains and restores faith in life for so many. What much needed to be a blessing to the world? Sometimes for the world to see who you indeed are. You need to disguise yourself as a joker (comali).

I will be honest. It took me a few episodes in CWC season 1 to begin loving Mani akka’s sequences. But since then, I am yet to go through an episode where I get tired of Mani akka’s parts in the show.

She is the powerplay player of the show. Even a dull episode becomes bright and right back on track because of her. She sets a happy mood always. Just think of her sequences with Bhatt and Dhamu sirs, you will laugh.

The episodes when she came as Vetrikodi Kattu Vadivelu, Paati, Sikkal Shanmugam, and today’s Pondy Master are my personal favorites.

I still sometimes think of the mannerisms she was doing while playing sikkal character and laugh.

/Nalla vela pugazh ponan, nanum veshti dhan katirken./ 🤣

On a personal note, last Friday was one of my worst days. You will not understand my wait for Saturday’s episode to forget everything and stress out a little. The episode released, Comalis get ups, didn’t excite me much. I was thinking, oh no, it must be a rare lousy week for CWC. Just then, Pandi Master enters to pair up with Shakila amma. Vali mamey vali. Her dance😂❤. As always, for an amount of time, all my other Valis didn’t matter much. My worries and problems may come back, but the good news is Weekends will also be back with cook with comali.

She got hurt accidentally and won’t be part of the show for the next 2 weeks, at least 💔. But nothing changes, the comeback will be even better. Return stronger, Mani Akka. ❣

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