A Tribute to S.P. Jananathan

Iyarkai - SP Jananathan

I think I was about to finish school. That was when I watched ‘unnale unnale’ and ‘Ullam Ketkumey.’

Some months later, I got to know the person (Director Jeeva) who created both the films was no more. It broke my heart that there will never be a chance to witness writing like Unnale Unnale and Ullam Ketkumey.

Do not take me wrong. SP Jananthan’s loss must have been an unbearable tragedy for his family and friends. For someone like me who does not know him personally, the reason for my pain for his loss was totally different.

My feelings, emotional state is similar to SP Jananathan’s demise. As an introvert, I don’t choose to meet new people. But, directors like SPJ have introduced me to new worlds, ideologies, and many memorable characters.

The moment I heard about the news, I closed my eyes and thanked him for his work. From that evening, whenever I got time, I was revisiting his films. I just wanted to watch only a few parts but ended up watching 3 movies (Purampokku engira podhuvudamai, Eyarkai, Peranmai).

Marudhu | Dhuruvan

Don’t fake. We all have cried for Eyarkai’s last minutes. At least, you must have felt a lump on your throat. The film was released in 2003. To date, I must have watched it over 30 times. But every time watching it, I could never escape getting emotional.

Again the choice of name, Marudhu, for a character with a heart that can handle anything. Just be in Marudhu’s shoes. You return to your homeland after ages. You meet someone with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life. You choose to stay. It takes you almost your life to make that special person fall for you. You see a beautiful life built ahead for both of you. Just then, a storm takes away everything from you. All you can do is stare back at the lost life for one last time and move on. Phew! Was it heart aching to imagine this even? That was all about Marudhu’s life.

Marudhu: Inime avaney vandhu andha modharatha potalum adhu en nyabagam dhan.

“Uzhaikkum Ename Ulaga Jeithidum Oru Naal. Vizhithu Irunthal Viraivil Varume Antha Thirunaal”

These are lines from ‘Enga ooru Madras.’ It always brings me unexplainable joy.

In similar lines, in Peranmai, a character says this: Uzhaikira janangaloda sarvadhigaratha indha ulagam parka dhan da povudhu.

What can I even write about Dhuruvan? All I am hearing is: Uyirai kuduthenum Indhiya desathai paadhukapom.

Not everyone can evoke emotions like SP Jananathan. Think of Suseela’s farewell salute from Dhuruvan and the girls.

I can go on and on. Most of his films had unbearable endings. His demise feels the same way.

Though I was crying while writing this, it’s not a mourning post but a tribute to one of the finest creators.

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