9 years of Anirudh

Anirudh The Rockstar

The 16-year-old me is speaking: My Grandpa’s love for MSV’s Music glued me as well to my chair whenever ‘Ullathil Nalla ullam’ or ‘Deivam thandha veedu’ played. You guessed it right, Raja’s Music entered my life because of my Dad, and till now, I haven’t escaped from Maestro’s magic. My Dad and I can listen to ‘Kanne Kalaimane’ all day.

Padayappa’s background score and Minnale’s ‘poo pol en nenjai’ made me fall for Arr and Harris. Courtesy of my brother. ‘Venus venus penney’ showed me Yuvan. Ah, at last, I found something on my own.

By now, you must have understood, most of my life has been filled with Music. As a 16-year-old teen, I think, man, what more songs or background scores can these musicians create. Msv, Raja, Arr, Harris, Yuvan covered all genres. And Vidyasagar did not leave the new ragas or genres too. What will I do if all these greats run out of tunes? I even thought that day was closer. How can anyone else start their life as a music composer anymore?

I know all this sounds stupid, but that’s all I was evolved as a teen.

2011 it was. When there was no Jio or any fast internet services. I remember watching ‘Why this Kolaveri di’ on YouTube. Of course, with a lot of buffering. Damn, I vividly remember how I was vibing to Dhanush’s “Pa pa pa paan” and “dhin naku vocal sound.”

Later, saw an event (forgot what it was), where Dhanush said there are many beautiful songs in 3 album than Kolaveri di. In fact, he went on to rate Kolaveri as the average song of the album.

I listened to other songs on the album. There, all my doubts and fears about running out of good Music stopped.

I hear you calling me, “ugh, what a stupid.” No hard feelings. I think the same about that young me.Vanakam Chennai, Ethirneechal, NRD, and I could go on. Most of his albums are everyone’s all-time favorites. I love his background scores than songs. He can make you go all goosebumps with something like ‘Church Fight’ in Petta. He can also get you all crying with ‘Po nee po keys’ when Ram drops the knife, unable to slit his throat himself. His background scores in Maan Karate and Ethirneechal climax did what Padayappa did to me. Also, Kathi’s true king is Ani.

A big fan of his independent releases. Likes of Enakena Yarum ilaiye, Avalukena, Rendu Kadhal. Overall, to say it short, his Music can be summed up with the title of one of his independent releases, “Chancey Ila.”

From 3, there was no stopping this sensation, Anirudh. He has been making Music that is equally good as the masters we have enjoyed over the years. Anirudh is a rockstar, crowd puller, trendsetter, and all this in just 9 years. I behave like the Rajni from Ninaithale Inikum, hearing a tape recorder whenever Ani’s songs are played. 😅💙 Thanks and love Anirudh Ravichander❤

P.S. I feel bad for not mentioning many other gems by Ani. I request you to share about them and your favorites from Ani’s works in the comments. I can’t wait to relive them in your words.

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