Cook With Comali is Not in The List of Just Another Reality Show

Cook with comali

Cook with Comali is not in the list of just another reality show.

May be the intent of the show was to only entertain us. But, over time, it has become an integral part of my life. Why should it be only my life, I believe I can take the liberty of saying it as our lives, right CWC fans?

In just 1 and half seasons, the show has already left us with beautiful moments to cherish (like @sivakarthikeyan sequence), incidents to think about and laugh (like Murukku task), and most of all, a few important lessons.

– Embrace ‘you’ and the world will have no other options. There is nothing of you is a flaw, you just haven’t noticed the beauty in it. Well, if you are still not convinced, think of @sivaangi.krish ‘s voice. ❣

– You know you got the talent. Nothing may work out right now, but there’s definitely ‘your time.’ Sounds like a cliched boost? But that’s how it has been so far. From no where to where @vijaytvpugazh now is, a live proof of it. 💥

– Everyone has a second inning. May be you are stuck in a work that you don’t enjoy. You never know when life will turn as you wished, and guess what, it could even be better than what you asked for. We are going to be remember shakila as amma for the rest of our life. So, wait for life’ second chance and surprises.

Does it feel so hard to build hope? It should not be difficult if you are a CWC fan. The show is all about hope, belief, and lots of love.

Having said all this, looking forward to it every week is enough said to prove it’s not just another reality show. Okay, don’t frown, I can hear you saying, “Then why this long post.” I couldn’t keep this all to myself, forgive me. Finishing this, I am still not done about the show and what it has given.
For now, I will again taking the liberty of what the show has been to all of us in a single picture below.

Ps. என் வீட்டு பூவெல்லாம் உன் வீட்டு திசை பார்க்கும்
என் வாசல் உன் பாதம் எங்கென கேட்குதடி…..(அடடா)

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