Dad’s last phone call and India’s World Cup Win : A personal story

For so many people World Cup win brings back so many memories. But for me it was the last proper phone conversation I had with my Dad. I wish I had known. He passed away a few months after the win and there were a few other instances of the mandatory caring enquiry of a parent. But nothing was heartfelt as this one conversation that I will happily take to my grave.

We had just won. Dhoni had just hit that famous 6. I was euphoric and dancing. I was all alone in my room in Hyderabad. But I didn’t care. We won. I was so happy and was yearning to share my happiness with someone.

The phone rang. It was the same reassuring voice I had heard over the years. ” We won”. “Yes Dad” I replied. ” Dhoni super” he said and went to explain how clever Dhoni was. For almost an hour the generation gap between us didn’t matter. He was a friend a very dear friend. “I am sorry for not being with you at this time. We will watch IPL together”. There were tears on either side of the phone.  He kept his promise. The last promise. CSK won.  The win was for Dad.

Dad was someone who grew up listening to cricket commentary on the radio. When India won in 1983 he was probably enjoying the radio commentary in his village. For him the World Cup win was a dream come true.

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