12 Years of Ayan : What made the film a superhit?

. Suriya was on high energy mode throughout the film. He did everything expected of an entertainer and almost single handedly kept us engaged. 

Tammanah was drop dead gorgeous in the film.  It remains my favourite Tammanah film till date.  She was a sight to behold in the film.

More than the villain I actually liked the voiceover given by our Kolangal Aadhi. That voice gave the role the X factor it needed. 

Back in those days the screenplay of the film felt very fresh. There were some cleverly staged scenes using the usual K.V Anand troupes. But in 2009 the theme and it’s treatment was a novel idea. 

The real hero of the film for me was Harris. I was studying my post graduation and Vizhi Moodi Yosithaal was almost a romantic anthem in the hostel. 

I watched it in Coimbatore KG theatre. It was a packed house filled with 90 percent female crowd. They were busy swooning , lusting and going wow over Suriya. 

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