Thalapathy Vijay’s Bicycle : Price and Where to Buy

Thalapathy Bicycle

A big day in Tamil Nadu. It is the election day to elect a new ruling party. The sixteenth legislative assembly election is conducted despite the covid pandemic.

Since this morning, the mainstream media has been collectively reporting to the citizens by covering the live updates of celebrities who have been casting the votes.

Thalapathy Vijay, a prominent actor in the Tamil industry surprised everyone by riding a bicycle to cast his vote. The fans are suspecting that he took this move to support and counter stand towards the hike of the petrol prices.

Alongside, people are suspicious of the colour of the bicycle by interpreting – maybe he could support DMK?

With this note, here are few details about the cycle.
If you are planning to buy Thalapathy’s cycle, it is available at https://montra.in/

The price range starts from 14K. Currently, the site is down, since a huge no. of fans visited the page at once after seeing their favourite actor ride it.

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