20 Years of Badri : A sweet and charming film from Thalapathy Vijay

I still wonder why everyone tends to overlook Badri when talking about Vijay’s filmography. I don’t know about you guys but for me it’s a personal favorite and it was one of those remakes which was done right. The film had a lot more humour than Thammudu and like Ghilli a few mistakes of the original was corrected.

The comedy was spot on with Vivek adding his own brand of humour to leave us in splits. I love the serial reference scene even today though I probably shouldn’t. The letter reading scene and the exam hall scene were other humour highlights. This film came at a time when I went bonkers while seeing Vijay on screen and the premise itself is a cute coming of age tale. I actually used to wonder where model college actually was 😂🤣.

Seeing Vijay with a moustache is a sight to behold. I miss the moustache even today. Seeing Vijay and Bhumika together was one of those priceless delights. I had this huge crush on Bhumika back in those days.  My star and my actress crush on the same frame.  What more do you want ?

Badri is the kind of role which suited Vijay perfectly back in those days. He was the likeable brat, the cute guy next door whom we all loved. This Vijay is eternal love.  This was also the Vijay I could easily identify myself with while growing up.  It was one of Appa’s favourite films. The first time we watched it to get together Appa said ” Rajini madiri comedy nalla panran da”. He loved the telephone scene so much. I never knew all of this would one day become nostalgic sweet memories.

I can’t end this without mentioning about King of Chennai and Ennoda Laila. Vijay is absolutely dashing in the King of Chennai song and Ennoda Liala is cuteness overload.

Given a choice I would travel back in time and hold onto that Meesai Vijay. Within me there’s always that yearning to see that mustache and the smile again. Of course he’s still smart but the Vijay who made us go wow with romance in Badri Priyamanavale and Kushi was something else. 

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