Cook with Comali’s unconditional love : An emotional goodbye

The best part of the show was how the participants were extremely supportive to each other. They are genuinely happy for each other’s success. Such kind of unconditional love is hard to get. That’s why the cooks, the comalis and the judges felt like a family on set.

For me personally Cook with Comali was very life affirming.  Being struck in lockdown for a year is like being caged. Those who look at it from outside as a third person will never understand how painful it is especially when you find it extremely hard to open up to people.

But the love on the show and for the show has managed to lift me up every single time. I have my own version of Ashwiney and Pavi and it’s probably the sweetest thing I have gifted myself. I have also identified the people I want to be with. The people who will always be there no matter what. The people who won’t question why I am not physically present in their lives all the time. The people who will help me grow.  Barely 4 – 5 people but I guess that will do.

Always grateful for a show like this. A show which showed us that it is ok to shower unconditional love. A Show which gave the space to transform weakness into strengths

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