Airtel Reply Tweet to Customer Went Viral In Social Media

It all happened on May 12, 2021 . All we know twitter is so much more fun than any other social medium. The best thing is we will get a direct reply from the person whom we are tagging (in maximum cases)

Likewise, An anonymous tweet that went viral Yesterday.

Today’s current scenario we all know networks such as Jio, Vodafone, Airtel facing Poor in internet connection, it may because of several reason. One of the twitter user gets anxiety towards this internet issue and slams  Airtel by tagging their official account.

Eventually she got replied from the customer care, “Enna aachu ? உங்களுக்கு உதவ நாங்கள் இருக்கிறோம். Please DM us your number. We will check :)”

Another person replied to them with “ எதுவா இருந்தாலும் இங்கேயே பேசு. அதென்ன DM னு போட்டு ஸ்மைலி எதுவா இருந்தாலும் இங்கேயே பேசு. அதென்ன DM னு போட்டு ஸ்மைலி”

And for the above said tweet, the Airtel care replied as “ Mobile number, Thalaiva.. public la we can’t get “ 

This particular tweet and the reply went viral on social media.

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