History Of Israel – Palestine: Israel Prosecuting Apartheid Against Palestine

All of us are distressed, tormented and traumatized by what’s happening in the Middle Eastern countries of the world. Bombs, firing, airstrikes, etc are bringing down the power of love by rising up the love for power.

 And I feel very bad and sad to see how Indians and few others countries are reacting and responding to Israel and Palestine. The tension is on the verge of starting world war three.

Every time you open Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the social media users share sensitive contents of videos, images and articles of heavy bombardment by Israeli airstrikes targeting Gaza, Palestine. Now, what is exactly happening in the eastern Mediterranean region? Is it a religious conflict – how the western media outlets are terming it? Why is India supporting Israel?

In today’s article, let’s talk about Israel- Palestine colonialism. I will try my best to walk you through the history and you decide what to do.

Disclaimer: If I had mentioned something wrong related to anything for that matter of fact, you can correct me in the comment sections. We are here to learn and educate ourselves and not to spread hate. So others, who are reading this article, please check out the comment sections to gain an understanding and not miss out on the keynotes (you can scroll and at the end of the page you can view comments).

Three things you should be aware of:

  1. It is not a religious conflict.
  2. Israel is committing apartheid against Palestine.
  3. Palestine is an Arab country and their termed Palestinians.

If you are wondering why only Palestine is targeted amongst all other Arab countries? To understand this, you need to know to start looking into the roots of the history of Jerusalem, Palestine and Israel;

Jerusalem is the incentive for the attack. In Jerusalem, the temple-mount where there is a mosque that sits on a site sacred to Christians, Muslims and Jews.

According to Islamic scriptures, the mount of the al-Aqsa mosque is the site of one of the three sacred mosques for Muslims, after Mecca and Medina. According to Islamic tradition, it is the site of Prophet Muhammad’s ascent to heaven in the seventh century.

According to Jewish tradition and scripture, the temple mount is known as Hebrew as Har Habayit, is traditionally said to be the site where Abraham demonstrated his devotion to God by taking his son Isaac to be sacrificed. It said to be built by King Solomon and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 ACE.


Wait, don’t conclude anything. Strike off the word religious from your head. You still need to know about the history of Palestine and Israel. Today Jerusalem sacred to Muslims, Jews and Christians is now an UN-controlled international zone.

Since the 1900s, Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire, a religiously diverse land where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived alongside each other. Gradually start of the Zionist Movement in Europe – calling for the establishment of an independent and national Jewish state, rose ideally in Palestine.

By the end of world war one (1914-1918), the Ottoman Empire collapsed and Palestine was under British rule. The first wave of European Jews starts to emigrate. In 1917, Britain validates its support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

As the number of settlers grew the fuelling tensions grew between the Arabs and Jews. The violence between the two sides causes Britain to step down and let U.N take over. The UN proposed a plan to divide Palestine into two states: Jewish – Israel (56.5%) and Arab – Palestine (43.5%).

The Jews accepted the partition plan and declared independence as the national state of Israel. But the other neighbouring Arab countries were against the land take over which led to the beginning of the first Arab- Israeli war (1948-1949). But Israel is victorious and conquered the land intended for the Palestinian state under the U.N.

Then the land is divided into three parts. Jordan occupies the west bank and East Jerusalem, Egypt occupies Gaza and the state of Israel takes 78% of historic Palestine, including West Jerusalem. With this 700,000 Palestinians become refugees as a result and the day is remembered as “al-Nakba” – the catastrophe (1948 Palestinian exodus).

In 1967, the six-day war breaks out between Israel and other neighbouring Arab countries. As the result of the war, Palestine was fully occupied by Israel, regardless of the non-existence of a formal peace treaty.

Later, Israeli started settling into Gaza and the West Bank that led to the Israeli- Palestinian struggle subsequently giving rise to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organisation) by setting their goal: To liberate Palestine from Israel by any means necessary. 

The argument and fighting go on for years. The PLO eventually accepts to divide the land between Palestine and Israel. But the conflict doesn’t end there, it goes out of the Palestinians hands. More settlers make their way into Israeli occupied Palestinian territories – where the international community considers this illegal, but no actions were taken.

The frustration and obstruction of the Palestinians lead to an “intifada”, a rebellion or resistance movement as a result of which Hamas is born. A political movement determined to fight against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The United Nations, Israel and the PLO sign the Oslo Agreement to divide the west bank into three sections:

 Area (A): Under full Palestinian control 

Area (B): Under joint Palestinian – Israeli control 

Area (C): Under full Israeli Control 

And the solution becomes a problem. Area C controls the majority of the West Bank’s agricultural land, water and minerals. And Palestinians were given limited access to these. Further other peace talks were unsuccessful.

Palestinians lost hope resulting in the second intifada and Israel built walls and set checkpoints to control the Palestinian movement.

In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza and continued to settle in the west bank. The Hamas conquered and gained power in Gaza and the Palestinian authority was seen to be secular.

 The West Bank and Gaza are now under separate leadership of Israel by imposing a blockage from restricting any form of movement by land, air or sea.

Source: YouTube Videos that I used as reference. (Vox) (TDC)  (Al Jazeera English)

The brief history has been explained by subi.taha


It’s 2021, the entire Gaza is in Debris from explosions that have covered the streets and people are mourning their losses. Turkey President Erdogan said, “Israel’s actions which are against the decisions by humanity’s common organisations, fundamental human rights, international law and all human values, must be stopped immediately.” It is not a religious conflict, rather it is oppression and you need to decide who gets the victory.

 In the first week of May, the tension between Israeli and Palestinian was severe that in the following days, in the holy month of Ramadan it has come to an end has by sacrificing their precious lives for their homeland Palestine.

There were many comments that I read over Twitter asking, why the Muslims had stones inside the mosque, instead of me explaining, there is a video posted by Kasem, a Palestinian. Please watch it.


I also, want you to know how the Israeli is taking over the homes of Palestine and how they are causing troubles. Here is another video that can help you to understand deeper.


How do the Zionists respond to this?


How do the Jews respond?


How Indians are responding?


Indians are being super judgemental. We are not standing for rights and justice. Rather, most of the Indians have concluded that Palestinians are Muslims and in future if we have any conflict against Pakistan, the Palestinians would support Pakistan. So we are trying to be Islamophobic.

If you are talking about this, you need to know that language matters because it can make a difference

Instead of using:                  Say this:

Conflict                    —        Apartheid            

Eviction                    —        Displacement

Clash                         —       Colonialism

Jews                           —       Zionists

Arabs                          —       Palestinians

Source: unifiedforpalestine (Instagram)

PS: Please do not follow mainstream western media news outlets. They are being biased to Israeli in their coverage by accusing Palestinian protests. They are facing criticism over this.

If you have reached the end of this article, Thank you very much for taking your time to read this and learning about the Palestinians struggle. On the occasion of Eid, I thereby pray for peace for the nation.



  1. Mathesh

    May 17, 2021 at 4:41 pm

    It would be better if you’ve have added few pictures of Israel Palestinian map.

    • Ramya Velu

      May 17, 2021 at 5:46 pm

      I wanted to use maps to show the differences but unfortunately, the maps available on google aren’t appropriate ones. So please check out the link of subhi.taha that I have shared. He has used the citation of maps to briefly explain the history.
      Here you go, you can link onto this

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