If You’re Having A Bad Day: Read This

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Yo! I am sorry that you had a bad day. Regardless I’m proud of you for willing to come here. Before anything else, thank you for visiting my timeline with a belief to imbibe some comfort from here. And let’s have a heart-to-heart talk. 

Disclaimer: I wrote this late-night. And I wanted to run away far for solace and comfort from somebody! Guess what? I ended up writing this to feel comforted.

Hey there, it’s 2 am when I am composing this article. And a song is being played in my room. The lyrics perfectly synchronized with my mood. 

I was there for you in your darkest time, 

I was there for you in your darkest night. 

But I wonder where were you? 

When I was at my worst, down on my knees?

Maps, Maroon 5

And you know what? There is no one. And I’m at my worst too! All of you would have come across a post that reads, “I am sick and tired (someone sending it to somebody). And that somebody replies calling you right away.” 

That’s not the case with everybody, right? We might have a long list of phone numbers saved on our phones. And we can still feel lonely. And I am sure you can feel the same way right now. 

In general, we come across people who ask us how was the day? But you have nobody questioning you to describe your day with emotions. 

So this is for somebody who went through a rough day with bitter feelings. I don’t know who needs to hear this now but here I go. To those who got rejected, I know how it feels. Rejection hurts nevertheless, if you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection. And I believe it is their opinion to turn you down.

The ones who tried a little bit hard today at work or college, you may not be there yet, but you are closer than you were yesterday at progress.

Maybe today wasn’t the day you matched your expectations. But a small progression in anything you do makes a difference.

I love this quote, “trust starts with truth and ends with truth.” How true is that! The ones who got betrayed by a friend or partner and you may feel, never again you will let someone in your life. Time exposes what you mean to someone. And that’s okay. You always focus on the good. You should know that good gets better and worse too. 

I don’t know what kind of situation made your day a bad day. But all I know is you want to give up and run away. I am right there too! 

Right now, you’re in a frame of mind to delete everything and go missing for a month. Although you want to disappear, yet all you want is to be found. You’re scared. There is a rush of undefinable emotions that has no name. 

This hard pain in your chest and those exhausting thoughts on your head is the reason you are strong. I wouldn’t say something like it’s a bad day after all, not a bad life. But please don’t give up because you’ve had a bad day. Don’t let it trick you into believing it’s a bad life. You will have a new day tomorrow. And what if you try again and you succeed?

This hardship will serve you as a pathway to get a better picture of what you are seeking. It might sound very philosophical despite that I believe- a beautiful butterfly goes through several stages that we humans might not like. Egg>caterpillar>chrysalis>butterfly. We might not like caterpillars or chrysalis, whereas, in reality, these are the insects that transform into butterflies that everyone admires. 

We are those butterflies. These days are shaping you for the good days. We need to control our thoughts and belief about ourselves. Let’s practice gratitude for the little things even while we are hurt. It’s not too far. You will meet a happier version of yourself very soon. Don’t worry! Sometimes we don’t need anything but hope and belief.

PS: Let’s believe tomorrow will be a good day! Just remember you will be fine. Much love.

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