Sometimes We Don’t Understand The Value Of Respect Until It’s Lost


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In today’s blog, let’s exchange views on a seven letter word called respect. Sometimes we don’t understand the value of respect until it’s lost. Easy to lose and hard to gain. 

In the shaping of a relationship, friendship or family, respect is one of the salient elements for the growth of trust and love. Do you agree?

Over the years, we might have lost respect for someone. We don’t hate that person. It’s just that we don’t feel the need to ever speak to them again or even think about them in the same way. 

Let’s take time to think about it. If you love somebody, ask yourself why you love that individual? 

Did you know? Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.

If you would ask me, I love my brother the most. He always comes top 1 in my list to love and care with the utmost respect. In my dictionary, the word has a weightage for how someone treats and views me for who I am. 

If you ever meet my brother, you can easily spot how different we are from each other. Yet, we discuss, debate and sometimes disagree with each other’s perspectives and still love each other to cherish our relationship.

The foundation to this is respecting, admiring and attaching importance to one’s standpoint in life. Through this, I have learnt and understood my brother’s soft-heartedness and venerations. 

The definitions of respect are different for everybody. You could follow a social media content creator and have respect for their content. You can admire a cricketer and have respect for their passion. In reality, your respect is a reflection of your principles and morals.

One of my friends defined her version of showing respect at home. She said, “I will listen to my parents, do my chores, be helpful, say please and thank you, be kind to others, follow the rules and speak but not yell.”

But I asked her, the list above was her choice or rule? We don’t understand that respect should be earned and not demanded. Now, does that mean she is disrespecting them? 

Of course not. Instead, call it manners. By enabling yourself to do it, you lost the principles and morals that disable you as a person. And that is not fine. 

“Respect everyone but lower yourself to no one.

– Mahatma Gandhi

It is necessary to learn manners that allows you to respect others. But what if it doesn’t serve your purposes. You come first everywhere. 

By believing you had to gain love by being nice will lead you right into the arms of the first predator who knows how to take advantage of your inability to fight for yourself. That’s how it works in every brown family. You are captured and taught ideologies that fulfil their duties, not the purpose. And there are different ways to show your respect to others. 

You can disagree with somebody’s opinion and still respect them. Just give yourself a minute to think, why do you disagree? It’s not because you don’t love that particular individual. The belief system and morals are different. 

People fail to acknowledge other people’s thoughts and feelings. Pay attention when people react with anger and hostility to your boundaries. You have found the edge where their respect for you ends. 

We all know that the respect Kobe Bryant had carried for Michael Jordan is something that briefly explains a form of love. He has always looked up to Michael as his big brother. If you look into the basketball career of Kobe, he had immense respect for Jordan’s work ethic by following in his footsteps.

Even though there were turmoils that rubbed each other’s ego, Kobe always made sure that he respected and loved Jordan for who he was on the basketball court. 

And Jordan himself agreed at Kobe Bryant’s Memorial Service, “Kobe was like a little brother. Everyone always wanted to talk about comparisons between him and me. I just wanted to talk about Kobe.”

That’s a pure form of respect one has to hold for another. The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others on how you demand to be treated. And that’s how Kobe worked hard by learning the work ethic part and adding more of his essence into his passion that welcomed “The Black Mamba Mentality.” 

You might look up to someone. The weekend is here. Why don’t you reach out to that person and pay homage or share your thoughts about how you feel about them? You can learn much more about that individual as well. 

PS: Comment below! What do you think about it? And have a relaxing weekend ahead! 

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