Female Genital Mutilation In India: Dark Story

Female Infibulation

Hello! I hope you are doing good. Welcome to my forum! To begin with, I always feel so happy every time I sit down to write. And you know what? This morning I was so perplexed after stumbling upon the calendar. How fast could a month pass by? Already the last week of July is here. 

In the following days, please don’t forget that you are still learning. 

“You are still changing. You are still growing. Breathe. You will find your way.” And happy reading!

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word India? Wait. Please don’t think too far! Go with simple descriptive words used by foreign lands. “India is a land of culture and tradition.” 

But the question lies here, do you take pride in living for it? You might contemplate to a certain degree to agree. Definitely!

India is a diverse country with many religions. People follow immersed and engrossed customs that is being passed on from generation to generation together.

However, few customs baffle my sixth sense when I come across some horrific traumas. Let’s forget religion here. I don’t want to point my fingers on any creed in particular. Nevertheless, I can’t stop using Sasha Alex Sloan’s lyrics in ‘Is Just Me?’ – Think religion is a business where you pay for God’s forgiveness. Instead, I want to touch on something sensitive.

Recently one of my friends shared a post via Instagram that focus on female infibulation. A few years back, if my memory serves perfect, I remember social media flooded with articles and posts concerning South Africa’s ritual – pharaonic circumcision. 

Now, the word circumcision could strike you something similar – Sunnath. There has been a lot of debate about it. In preference, today, I want to talk about women. But I am dumbfounded. How did the practice of female infibulation in India never come into the spotlight? 

Let’s grasp the word – Female Genital Mutilation(FGM). The regimen is to remove women’s inner and outer labia and the suturing of the vulva (female genital). Following, the removal of the clitoral glans. 

The WHO classifies four types of FGM:

Type 1 – partial or total removal of the clitoral glans.

Type 2 – partial or total removal of the external and visible parts of the clitoris and the inner folds of the vulva.

Type 3 – infibulation or narrowing of the vaginal opening through the creation of a covering seal.

Type 4 -picking, piercing, incising, scraping and sealing the genital area.

I hope the below picture helps you to understand the female genital.

(Link is provided below)

Recently, a few of my second circle of friends texted me after reading my article about trauma. 

If you haven’t read it yet, please check it out.


One of my friends, while she was aged 7, one day her mother promised to take her to a park. As a young child, she was excited to have fun and play with other kids. 

Instead of going to a park, they entered a busy street and went into an abandoned building. In a dark room, the kid had to lie down on a table. And she could remember somebody pressing down her hands. Suddenly a woman appeared and pulled her pants and used a knife to cut her clitoris. 

The dingy room gave her a traumatic experience that she has been carrying until today. She told me that her younger self couldn’t process why she had to undergo that unbearable suffering? She believed something was wrong with her. Or maybe her parents were upset with her. 

If you go conscious of the entire ritual’s why aspect, you will come to understand the globe’s Patriarchal condition supporting gender inequality. 

In other parts of the world, except for a tiny hole in the vaginal region that helps women to recess and bleed during periods, everything is sealed. 

During the first night, the stitches are likely to be decorticated by the husbands. After discovering the above specifications, I was devastated. I don’t know how many girls are going through this right now. 

I read a lot of articles explaining the adverse states of women going through it. If you are confused about why women have to go through this?

In rural villages, the community is very cautious of girl children. It’s practised to be aware that girls don’t discredit and disgrace the family by losing virginity before the marriage. If the family doesn’t encourage the above ritual, they would be an outcast to the village. And the girl will not receive proposals at the time of marriage. 

In other countries, practising Female Infibulation is against human rights violation. In India, there is no rule implemented yet. But we are aware that India is a developing country. Also, we are more in the number of underdeveloped villages compared to towns and cities. 

There were some myths associated with the above:

  1. The uncut clitoris will grow the size of the penis.
  2. The above practice enhances fertility. 
  3. The external female genitalia is laid eyes on as dirty and ugly. ( I don’t know, what’s ugly?)

Usually, it would be the midwives of the village who carry out the ritual. 

Sometimes the process involves medicalized FGM to help too.

But it risks the health of women both physically and psychologically. There are complications in childbirth that are long term. 

Every time I come across something like this that is very sensitive, I urge to do something. Since I write a blog, I hope this educates, I believe. 

Sometimes the most established words like traditions and culture bit back us most surprisingly. I don’t know why? Even after receiving formal education, we are not fighting back at something crucial situations like this. 

If you have reached the end of this blog, I am glad that you had some humanity to understand and educate yourself. 

PS: Thank you for coming here. And I hope you have a good last week of July ahead. And I wish for everyone to smile and laugh throughout the week!

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