Are Only 29 Medals Worth For India At The Olympics? Give Yourself A Minute To Think


Hey everyone, so far, I hope you had a great day. Today I came across a quote that read, “This is a friendly reminder that you will only get a limited time on this earth. Today is a good day to do something great.” 

We are already on the edge of the month, so refine your systems and processes. And do the things you need to set yourself up for ease and flow. I hope you have a great week ahead. 

For the past two days, headlines and post feed on social media are wavering their sadness and distress by specifying the zero medals for India at Tokyo Olympics.

Worldwide we have been in the spotlight with sarcastic news bulletins suggesting, “India is the highest populated country with the lowest win.” 

In today’s blog, let’s talk about the obscure story behind India’s twenty-nine medals at the variant Olympics since the 1900s. 

Don’t worry! I’m not going to touch the past. But let’s talk about the present to grow in the future.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the statistics of the Olympics country-wise that has won more medals. The top three countries are:

  1. The United States Of America – 2827 medals 
  2. The United Kingdom – 883 medals
  3. Germany – 855 medals


Now let’s go one step deeper to understand the highest number of athletes participating in this year’s Olympics.

According to The Washington Post, for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, The United States has the largest contingent of Olympic Athletes with 657, followed by host Japan with 615.

According to TOIIndia has chosen 127 athletes

If you compare the ratio, it’s 1:6. I am neither an athlete nor a sports freak. But I can’t stop talking about the disappointments.

Let’s talk about Sports Governance to understand the investments. According to Logical India, to understand the funds spent on sports, they chose the United Kingdom, which allocates close to Rs 9000 crore on sports infrastructure and training in the annual sports budget.

And India spends only one-third of the UK, Rs 3,200 crore, on youth affairs and sports. 


Where are things going wrong? If you exclude Governing body. 

There is a lack of awareness and introduction to many other sports at schools and colleges. We are massive in number that holds enormous expertise in different skills and abilities.

If you are studying in a school or college, how many students are from the sports quota? If you have finished schooling, think of someone who used that category effectively. 

We don’t allow the children to explore and discover their interest in the field of sports. The education system expects the children to have perfect scores in the six subjects by ignoring to glorify physical education. 

Also, parents restrict and disrespect the career of an athlete. 

They show a lack of consideration to allow the children to choose a field that can bring honour to themselves and their country. 

Sometimes few children outshine in the excellence of sports with the help of outside trainers who help them understand their identity. The school physical educators are unprofessional with inefficacy aptitude. 

If you had watched the 2012 movie Saattai, it gives a bigger picture of a PT teacher who encourages the children to utilize that games period allocated to prepare for the boards. Rather than inspiring them to take part in sports curriculum events. 

The irony is that the family and society seek validation. Those are the people who are holding back every individual emotionally from reaching a bigger dream. And you are calculated to become a part of the crowd.

What about other external factors? Recently, Jordindians, Bengaluru based Youtube channel dropped a new video, Types Of Reporters, where they hinted at the drawback of the News industry. Whereas the reporters promptly touching on the events happening in the Cricket world and giving the least and bottom importance to other sports. 

No doubt, Cricket is a religion in India. From playing gully cricket to stadium, we can name many players. But how many athletes struggle to participate in the Olympics? If any individual aspires to work in the sports field, let’s equalise to spend money on a personal trainer, originally that the parents intend on spending with education. 

Are only 29 medals worth for India at the Olympics? Let’s normalise playing and choosing sports as a career. We have thousands of PV Sindus, lakhs of Mary Kom, millions of Mirabai Chanu and billions of individuals who can leave a benchmark in the world of sports. 

A developed country needs professionalism from every corner of occupation to balance. But India is unbalanced and oversized in educational professions. Give yourself a minute to think? 

It’s the mindset. The program initiated by the government, such as Khelo India, is it helping? No. We are settling and planning for a monotonous future. Let’s break generalise sports. 

PS: If you have reached the end of this article, please comment below. What are your thoughts about it? And I am curious to listen to your part of the story or opinions. And until I meet you on Friday! Bye! Much love. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ramya Deekshitha

    July 29, 2021 at 6:21 pm

    Ramya being an athlete I could literally talk regarding this article for days. Not sure if every common people out there know this but then giving up the sport that you fell in love with for the sake of family,career etc, hurts more that one could imagine. Falling out of love with the very sport that taught you how to live a meaningful life is the biggest nightmare I’ve ever had. After all broken dreams hurt more than a broken heart 🙁
    And thank you so much for writing this and hope it reaches a lot of people!!

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