Nothing Is Constant, Consistency Brings Change Over Time


Hey! Thank you for coming here! I hope you’re doing good. Finally, the weekend is here. And July is coming to an end. Seven months down! And four more months to go! Wow. In the previous months, if you tried something and if it went wrong. Remember, the cost of being wrong is less than the cost of nothing! Make sure you sit and relax the following days to understand where it went wrong? That’s a formula to grow.

In today’s blog, let’s talk about changeovers. Have you ever looked back in your life? And felt that you couldn’t identify the person who you were before? And there could be various reasons for those changes. Some of you could identify it as a good and bad one.

But for me to date, I can’t jump to conclusions to self evaluate it. All I know was a chance to grow a little wiser and choosing the right path by allowing myself to learn morals and respect people.

Recently I watched a movie, Kamali from Naducauvery. Few scenes rushed a nostalgia in my mind by reminiscing about my transition period.  A swap between my school and college nourished me emotionally. A part of Kamali’s portion resembled few incidents in my life.

Sometimes we take our skills and potentials for granted, don’t we?

The place we grow up, the time we spend with people and surrounding that drives you to recognise yourself plays a role in who you are today.

Looking back at my high school days, I could see how my peers, teachers and even my friends, for that matter, everyone treated me like chalk and cheese discerning, to be convinced that I was not reaching or matching their mindset. That made me feel like a kid with zero skills.

When I went to my Pre-University College, everything was different. Even though I was never confident, my English lecturer caught a glimpse of my knowledge and awareness about various subjects through my answer scripts. That’s a turnover.

During my talent’s day, she approached me to participate in pick and speak in addition to debate competitions. 

But then I didn’t see that coming. I was anxious and nervous. Even though I prepared enough, I couldn’t recall anything as the clock started ticking faster. A part of me believed that I am never good enough.

Before the event could start, I looked at my lecturer’s face, who signalled me a big thumbs up. And she murmured that I got this. I went into the room with a heavy pain in my chest. The opponent sitting opposite to me could hear my heartbeat, for which he chuckled by guessing it’s an easy win for him.

Once the competition began, I didn’t realise my willpower could drag me to showcase my debating skills which surprised me. Also, I enjoyed putting my opponent in spots where he couldn’t defend himself. That moment strikes me to believe in myself. Later, when I came out of my auditorium, I was so happy that I pushed myself to do something unusual.

The competition went for two days, on the last day it was the prize distribution day. To my surprise, I won second place for both. The English and Kannada department of my college recognised and provided me with opportunities to excel.

In my first years, I hosted along with my seniors for the college day. It was my breakthrough to identify who I am and what are my abilities. Before this, I was a doom and gloom individual who didn’t know what to do with my life. That’s how I ended up choosing 11th and 12th with the Biology group.

Through my curiosity to discover my passion, I met yet another moving lecturer. We would speak for hours together about psychology. And he provoked my qualities of compassion, empathy and listening skills. Today if I chose this field, he is one of the reasons.

The toing and froing happenings in Kamali’s life are different from mine. But what I could feel and relate to was the wake-up call. Sometimes when you see somebody showing respect or valuing your worthiness, I’m sure that sparks you to acknowledge your worth. My parents thought I was a naive and spiritless girl who was just good at studying.

And my friends never gave me a space to express myself. Every day I would feel so uncomfortable talking or sharing my opinions. Now that’s how I grew up with silence as a trait in my personality. And I’m not sad about it. The volume of silence in my life has given me solitude to discover about myself.

I am sure some of you might have some situations just like mine. If you do, when was it? Comment below.

PS: Make sure to spend your weekend on yourself. And until I meet you the next time, stay safe. Much love!

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