The Idea Of Friendship Evolves With Us As We Grow: Friends For Sure Are A Boon


Hey! Welcome to my Timeline. I hope you’re feeling great! I am so happy that August is here, along with a new week. A brand new month for a fresh start so here is something geeing up for you- “Surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” 

I hope you have a splendid month and week ahead. Also, thanks a bunch for visiting my blog. Happy reading!

In today’s blog, let’s talk friendship day. Let’s go back to our childhood. Remember when you had to tie a friendship band to all your friends? And the price of those bands would help anyone identify if they were special. Also, that one high priced band was always for your best friend. 

During my school days, I would envy those friends who had bands tied all over their hands. Little did I know that those were just temporary comfort. Do you agree?

The modernized version of friendship bands is the status of WhatsApp and the story of Instagram to sight a picture to the world. 

Some people view this day as a bridge between the past and present. They connect through various memories of thread. Yes. It feels nostalgic to go back. And not everyone wants to speak the language as someone else. If I’m honest, I don’t want to associate with people with whom I lost connection. 

For many reasons, my definition of friendship redesigns and restructures every year. There is at least one person in my life who teaches the meaning of friendship either by gaining or losing trust.

Without loyalty and faith, the essence and taste of friendship are bland. My thought patterns no longer feel a need to be reunited. 

I don’t need a squad or gang to make me feel at home. Do you know that my contacts have shrunk from 200s to 5? And I don’t feel sad. I’m delighted even if I have one who can hold me through my broken life.

I’m happy with that one who gives me space to be an old soul that doesn’t watch everything released on Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

I’m honoured if at least one calls me to rant about their life. I feel grateful that someone believes I can make it better for them by listening. 

I’m well pleased that I can make a phone call at any time in the day or night to talk about disappointments and despair. And I feel gratified for not being judged. 

Now how do I celebrate just for a day for all these blessings that boundlessly reflect love, loyalty and joy? 

All I do is pray! Silently pray for their healing physically and emotionally. I don’t know if a simple wish or status and story could articulate my gratitude and appreciation. 

If you have at least to count on, then you are the luckiest one. And don’t forget to share this blog to let someone know millions of memory flashed about them while reading this. 

Here is wishing everyone who celebrated the friendship day by remembering and cherishing their friends with love and compassion. 

PS: Comment below what friendship means to you? And describe a favourite memory of your friendship.

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