Reasons Why You Are Not Successful Yet.


Hurray! It’s my 100th blog post. Are you a regular reader? Or do you often pass by to read my blogs? I want to let you know that you add value to my life. And that value is more significant. With my purpose, I realize the price of that value is my fortune. 

I don’t know if thank you could be a word to express my gratitude. Even though I had no clue, I would come this far to celebrate a small triumph by establishing my knowledge about various aspects using words. Again, it’s your mini efforts that pushed me to do this. More love and positivity to everyone!

Also, the weekend is here. So please relax and take some time out for yourself. Sometimes all you need is to rest. Take time to recharge. Happy weekend everyone. 

Social media has bought an urge among the youths to become a star. Everyone wants to become famous. And it’s not wrong to wish to be one. But the aspect of why to become one is critical to understand. Look around someone in your friends’ circle is starting a YouTube channel. And one more is making reels. Do you think their potential is fulfilling the task? 

The majority of them want to be in the spotlight. And that’s because the end view of it is very confining to one thing to be acknowledged. But how should that recognition add meaning to your life is very important?

If you want to become a singer, your soothing voice must carry unambiguous meaning in lyrics that can help someone heal. You choose to become a dancer. Your energy in the moves should transport power to highlight choreography that prompts at least one’s dance skill in the crowd. If you can write, your words should provide comfort to the one who is reading. 

You become an instrument to serve others through your passion. Why do you think the world’s renowned maestros names have been passing by even after centuries? 

Imagine success is a subject similar to mathematics. Have you ever solved a sum? And do you think we can derive a solution only in one way? We have different ways to find answers, don’t we? Ultimately, the key we use is formulas. We have thousands of ways to apply them. 

In reality, in subjects like maths and success, ways to find solutions is narrowed down to two or three conditions. Do you agree? But these subjects are the ocean in quantity to learn.

If you need to unlock success, you need to crack three paradigms of awareness. The curiosity to learn. The comprehension of what you’ve learnt must be taken advantage of for passion. The passion of what you do must bring purpose and service to help others. 

“When passion pays you, that becomes a profession. When that profession contributes a difference, that’s called your purpose.”

  • Gaur Gopal das (Monk of ISKCON)

The above process to reach your success is a huge task. It is again similar to mathematics. There are chances for you to make mistakes. The tiny errors could affect your outcome. And these errors are lust, anger and greed. 

“A real hero can control his mind and senses and does not allow them to be captivated by the cheap sensations of this world.”

  • Gauranga Das ( Monk of ISKCON)

Up to the present moment, my awareness of celebrities is for their intentions. They have bought synergy between thoughts, words and actions for reshaping my life. And I want to become a legitimate individual as a token of love. 

Integrity is a character, the quality of being honest and having moral principles in your work or passion. And that’s the foundation for winning the trust of others. Did any celebrity’s image appear in front of your eyes after reading this? Then that’s how you need to become. 

When your good actions are allied with good intentions, it is a form of discipline. And this discipline can bring success. It needs practice. Have you ever had your math teacher remind you that you need to practise it every day to learn the knack? The same method needs to be applied here too. 

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