Rolling Stone India And Spotify Celebrates Pop Culture By Alienating Arivu’s Expertise In Music


Maajja labels launched by A.R. Rahman, M.I.A and technopreneurs aim to empower South Asian indie musicians to create independent liberty tunes in the music world.

The platform is enjoying massive success for promoting Enjoy Enjaami and Neeye Oli. A few months back, DJ Snake collaborated with Dhee and Arivu to remix Enjoy Enjaami.

Pa Ranjith And His Anger: 

Rolling Stone India, the world’s greatest music and pop culture magazine featured Dhee and Shan Vincent de Paul on the August 2021 cover by mentioning the reference of Enjoy Enjaami and Neeye Oli. 

Pa Ranjith was enraged against Rolling Stone India on Twitter for alienating the man behind both the songs. The fans were mad for not including the picture of Arivu in Enjoy Enjaami remix poster. 

Why Did They Leave Behind Arivu?

The busy Twitter found a post on Shan’s account explaining the photo cover in the magazine. He said both the artists were working on their kinds of music. The photoshoot for the magazine cover includes artists’ visual of the future release themes in maajja labels. And the artists never intended to leave behind Arivu. 

Arivu’s Contribution In Neeye Oli and Enjoy Enjaami:

We are aware that Enjoy Enjaami received attention and love from all over the world. Besides the popular tunes, the song spoke about the struggles of the Ceylon Tamils. And Arivu wrote the lyrics by conceptualising Sri Lankan centric despair through his grandmother’s story Valiyamma. Also, it stood up for millions who were unable to verbalise their pain.

If you would like to learn more about the song, please check out my article: 

In addition, Neeye Oli was another song released on the maajja platform by artists Shan Vincent de Paul, Navz-47 and Santhosh Naryanan. Again, it found a special place in the audience’s heart. If you did not know, Arivu participated in co-writing the lyrics of the song. It predominantly spoke about Eelam Tamils who suffered through genocide. 

Sometimes The World Forgets Us.

Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the ones who deserve appreciation. Arivu is going unseen or unheard for giving rise to the songs like these. It could have happened to you and me. This rapper who sheds light on issues that nobody wants to discuss deserves recognition. It’s disappointing to see how people give importance to pop and culture in music by rejecting the sole purpose. Please make sure you understand the artist’s reason for creating art. It could speak billion of stories that you and I could be unaware of.

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