Times of India Clowning Consumers: Zodiac Signs Identifies One’s Personality Disorder

Horoscopes are like addictive drugs in India, provided they are consumed every morning in almost every Indian household to predict anything and everything. The notion is that even your parents can go wrong while the horoscope predictions can never go wrong. It’s funny to see how people blindly believe in it.

We’d have seen people rejecting a groom or bride because the 7th house Ketu had some problem. And the families having faith that the 5th house Ragu shifting to the 6th house could create discontentment in the family. Gripping upon this foresight sincerely by people, today, the top newspaper brands are deceiving the audience. The recent hoax is dangerous as it involves a psychological disorder.

Times of India’s Gag Show on Mental Illness Through Horoscope.

The day before yesterday, I came across an article published in Entertainment Times subsidised by Times of India. And the headline triggered me – The type of personality disorder you’re most likely to have, as per your zodiac sign. How could a zodiac sign determine if someone has that condition or not? Once you start reading the article, you will find a suggestion that would read: Every parent’s anxiety triggers, according to their zodiac sign. You can visit the link to check yourself.


And I am antagonised after identifying the article in the mental health sector. The high-end newspaper company failed to inspect the contents that are up on the website. Personality disorder or anxiety has nothing to do with zodiac signs. The above psychological conditions are serious mental illness which requires therapy to observe and identify symptoms.

Newspaper spreading misinformation could affect the subscribers thinking process. We live in a world where mainstream media have lost their effectiveness in providing accurate information to consumers. But today, we are here spreading and accumulating fabricated details.

Then What is Personality Disorders?

Personality disorders are mental health conditions that impact one’s thinking process on how one feels and perceive themselves and others. Self-identity and self-image are at threat. It involves impulsive and risky behaviours that can lead to self-injury and suicidal threats. The symptoms get stronger during adolescence and early adulthood. Sometimes, it depends on the environmental condition an individual is raised or living in. Researchers are still studying this psychological disorder. And it’s not fully understood.

Zodiac doesn’t shape your personality:

Psychology does have a field that involves the subject of psychic powers. Individuals do have the ability to foresee the future. There is power within each creature which we term as instinct. You would have come across tarot readers or horoscope readers online. It helps us to hint and feel about certain things. But these forecasts can never define your individuality or identity. That’s why it’s called general reading. The study of personality is a spectrum that includes concepts, theories and studies on individualism in psychology. We need to stop characterising ourselves to these zodiacs that falsely appeal to a wrong indication on our identity.

India follows culture and traditions. There are superstitious beliefs that exist even today in this modern world. Articles like these are add on fires to destruct lives or decision making, we don’t know how it could affect a person or family.

PS: Tell us what do you feel about it? Have you ever come across something like this?

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