The Psychological Mechanism Behind Kattipudi Vaidhiyam In Vasool Raja MBBS


Touch is a form of communication. We would have come across experiences with someone who would have brushed through our hair affectionately, caressed the fingers concernedly, pat the back encouragingly and gave a warm hug lovingly. If you observe closely, these small impassion can uplift our positive emotions. These are therapeutic for someone who is dealing with exhausting emotions with pressure and stress. 

Recently, I met a friend after ages. While I caught his sight in the crowd, there was a rush of emotions. I did not know if I was happy, excited, scared, sad or angry. When he walked over to me and hugged me tightly, at that moment, I identified some changes in my emotions. We just looked at each other and was ready to burst into happy tears. However, today let’s talk in detail about the science behind hugs.

In Vasool Raja MBBS, you would have come across kattipudi vaidhiyam. In the movie, you would have encountered characters that surface the characteristics of people in the real world. The protagonist approaches these characters with a mechanism of hugging them. He empathizes with individual’s agonies by reminding their wheels of fortunes. 

The Power of Hug

According to scientists, hugs can provide emotional comfort and healing. These can nurture your psychological well-being more healthily and happily. In the movie, you would have seen characters usually having low self-esteem or peddling anxiety under given circumstances. Raja’s compassionate hugs bring about changes. The best example in the movie, the housekeeping man who doesn’t feel good mopping the hospital floors. Once he receives a hug and some kind words from Raja changes his perception of his job.

Here the scientists believe that hugs help a person to remind of their mortality. It could have happened to you too, while you were a kid when you feared or were scared of anything hugging your teddy bear or any plushy toy for that matter could have helped you reduce your fear of that existence. In other words, it is a pleasurable stimulus. 

Hugs Induce Cuddle Hormones 

By receiving a hug under any exhausting condition, a person’s body would signal the hypothalamus. And it would transmit the message to the pituitary gland to release oxytocin. It is a stress buster hormone that plays a vital role during pregnancy, child labour and breastfeeding. It is also known as the cuddle chemical as it is associated with human social behaviour. The release of this hormone helps anyone to deal with stressful situations in a positive feedback mechanism. 

Some Fun Facts of Hugs:

  1. Human beings need four hugs a day for survival. 
  2. Eight hugs a day for maintenance.
  3. Twelve hugs a day for growth.

Hugs are universally comforting. It provides a warm feeling that helps reduce stress, improve communication and induce hormones that makes us happy. Next time, if you meet someone close to you, give them a big tight hug. Let’s embrace them with love and help them to induce cuddle hormones for free to release their stress!

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