15 interesting facts about former adult star Mia Khalifa

Here are 15 facts about Mia Khalifa. 

1. Her real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun. 

2. She got married at the age of 18 to her school boyfriend in 2011 and they divorced in 2016.  

3. She is a huge Batman fan. 

4. She was born in Beirut and moved to America in 2001. 

5. She is fond of books and reads a lot. 

6.She worked in the adult industry for only 3 months after which she had a change of heart and quit the industry. 

7. She is now married to Swedish Chef Robert Sandberg. The two of them married in June 2020 during the pandemic. 

8.  She is an avid sports fan. She now uses her popularity and fame to support sports club. 

9. She finished her education in a military school. 

10. She has an arts degree to her credit. 

11. She has now changed her name to Sarah O Brien. 

12. She was born on February 10 1993. 

13. She is a Lebanese by birth but moved to America at the age of 7 in the year 2000. 

14. She was raised as a catholic. 

15. She was often bullied in school for being dark but she overcame all that.

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