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‘Mokkaengineer won't get opportunities,’ sounds familiar? It’s a famous dialogue from Velai Illa Pattathari (2014), and because I related to it on a titanic level, it also became the very inspiration to start this page. Movies inspiring people are not myths afterall. In November 2015, we became the first from South India to start a meme page on Instagram, spreading our domain into Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Telegram. In this memeful journey, we’ve earned millions of followers and their hearts. Mokkaengineer has now become a familiar name in the tamil households, and is administered by only 2 members right from the beginning. Our brand is a family of engineering graduates with passion extending more than just machines. It all started for fun, but now we’ve grown into a fine platform that carries messages to people in the most provoking manner. We offer schemes to promote dreams and aspirations of people through us. We are now a successful example of, ‘what is done with interest, is done well’. Always remember, someone's effort is a reflection of their trust in you and we stand by that. That’s about us, THE MOKKAENGINEERS.

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